{May 30, 2009}   So excited!

I’m in a pretty good mood today. We’ve finally made a decision to stay in the Houston area.  I got a new job at an import store, which even though the manager is a little crazy and the owner a little nosy, I think I’ll feel more comfortable there than working at the The Home Depot.  Cause seriously, this place just isn’t for me.  As soon as I saw the owner wearing flip flops, I was sold.  Plus there should be some homework downtime.

I’m going to go to PT school at UTMB.   I’m more than likely going to be finishing up my pre-req’s at Alvin Community College, that is, if we decide to live in Pearland.  There aren’t many affordable apartment options in this area, so we’ll see.  But we’ll be moving in July, not sure exactly when.  I’m eager to have my own place again, we’re just so cramped at my parents’.  We’ll be forever grateful that they took us in after the fire, but I’m sure they’re as eager as we are for us to move out.

I’m getting married in 1.5 months.  I can’t believe how close it is.  My bridal shower is tomorrow.  I don’t know if anyone RSVP’d, probably just a little bit of family, but I’m still excited to have a little get together.  It’s like a birthday party for your wedding!

Other than that, trying to stay positive.  Life seems so, so hard, but I just have to remember where I’m going to end up.  We’re getting it together and not giving up.  I’ve met so many different people since working part time, and their stories are pretty crazy.  If they can make it back from near death, drugs, and/or abusive partners, I’m pretty sure we’ll be okay.


Melissa says:

congratulations! I’m happy you guys figured out where you want to stay. I’ve got to say, Damion is totally getting a tour of Texas cities!

I wish I could’ve come to your bridal shower, but it just wasn’t meant to be. Don’t worry, I’ll do my best to make up for it at the bachelorette party.

lexipants says:

It’s ok, only family showed up. We had fun though and ate a LOT of food. And I got cute presents. I’d say it was successful.

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