{October 26, 2008}   Hey Peoples

Here’s the story in a nutshell:

-moved to Dallas and rented an apartment we found on Craigslist that looked awesome but turned out to be a lemon

-douchebag landlord wouldn’t fix or pay for a/c problems, so he thought he would let/kick us out without penalty

-moved into a new place with high hopes for the future

-decided to go into interior design (the only field i’ve ever tried to read about with anything i could get my hands on)

-fell in love with my drawing class

-appreciated my job a little more after the last few market dips

-ready for this election to be over

-my cat won’t stop puking

So, we moved again, we still have boxes everywhere, but at least we;re out of that shit place. Waiting for that deposit now… Also, people at work actually started talking to us. It’s a strange phenomena. So, pretty content right now. Waiting for the rest…


Melissa says:

I’m glad things are getting a little better! Sorry to hear about your cat. Hairballs or something else?

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