{July 20, 2008}   Pity Party + Music Writing

Hey, hi! Guess what… I miss Austin.

Also, I’m an environmental canvasser here in Dallas. That means I walk around getting people to donate money so they don’t have to drink lead. It’s hot and it doesn’t pay well. BUT I have the power to make people accountable and I’m also rapidly losing weight. I’m pretty sure I’ve lost 5-10 pounds in the last couple of weeks. I don’t weigh myself anymore because I hate classifying myself as a number. But my clothes do fit so much better.

Sadly, I haven’t met many people yet. I’ve been restricting myself from getting close to people at work because I know I may be gone soon because a) I’ve only met standard twice, and b) it’s hot and people like to slam the door in your face. That and we’re pretty broke so we can’t go out and meet people.

OK on with the positive stuff.



A while back, I wrote an article for Nu Magazine, based in Austin. It was on DJ Havoc, aka my good friend David. Well, the editor was updating his address book, and I let him know I had moved. He needed some fill-ins, and even though I’m in Dallas now, he gave me a couple of feature assignments to contribute on new Austin artists.  Most recently I did an interview with Muppletone, that you can read from the link up there.  So I’ve been published again!  Pretty sweet!  I have a couple more features coming out soon.  I’ll be sure to list those when they do.


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