{July 14, 2008}   Pet Peeve of the Week+

Pet peeve (a.k.a. public enemy numero uno de lexipants) of this week:

The gesture of holding up one hand, signaling a person to stop speaking.

If you’ve ever had this done to you, I’m sure you felt pretty frustrated or even insulted at the audacity of the person doing the stopping. Right? It’s like saying, “you don’t need to finish what you are saying, because what you are saying has no importance, regardless of the subject matter.” It’s the subtle middle finger of the WASPS. No offense to the humble, waspy people.

Do not do it. Please. If you are arguing with someone, and you need them to breathe, two hands is sufficient. It means ‘slow down’, or, ‘I’m not carrying a weapon’ (hey man it’s cool). When you hold up that single hand, you’re claiming superiority. And that’s not cool.


ah, i’ve also become familiar with the phone version of this. lots of folks i work with use it, and i understand they’re busy, but it still pisses you off. basically, they interject while you’re in mid-sentence and say “That’s great! Gotta go.” and hang up.

i must admit, i’ve used it too, usually back on them when they’re no longer passing on useful information. and there is a bit of satisfaction in gettting them back. yeah, i’m small that way.

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