{July 4, 2008}   Warped Tour ’08

We took a break (sort of) from moving in and went to the Warped Tour here in Dallas yesterday. It was BLAZING yesterday, and I mean it was easily over 100 degrees on the blacktop. I have the sunburn to prove it, and lots of people were passing out. But the music was so much fun, and we saw 17 bands total yesterday. I’d say that’s a pretty good day. I forgot to charge my camera batteries, so it was dead before we even started. I got a few pics with my phone, they’re on my flickr if you want to check em out.

My favorite performance was Alesana. They always have so much energy and so much fun during their sets. I couldn’t really see Paramore very well from where I was standing, or they would have taken the top spot, just because I luff them. The band that surprised me the most was Gym Class Heroes. I’d heard of them, but hadn’t really listened to them. They interacted with the crowd, and you could tell they were having fun and grateful to be part of the tour. Fun music too: I plan on listening to more of them.

So! the bands we saw:

From First to Last
Say Anything
Norma Jean
Stick to Your Guns
Beat Union
The Devil Wears Prada
Against Me!
Gym Class Heroes
Jack’s Mannequin
The Pink Spiders
Forever the Sickest Kids
The Aggrolites
Angels and Airwaves
The Academy Is…
Story of the Year


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