{June 13, 2008}   Internet Pretentious

Do people act the same way on the internet as they do in real life?  Because if so, we’re up to out necks in pretentious assholes.

Seriously, I participate on a couple of different message boards and always try to be polite, funny, or smart and try to maintain an air of acceptance among other participants.  Most people do a good job of doing the same thing and still maintaining a semblance of their personality in writing.

Now, you have different categories of participators.  I just want to be clear about the separation between the pretentious: those that act like they’re better than everyone else; and the trolls: those who are assholes about everything no matter what you do. (including making a grammatical error-gimmeafackinbrakere.)

PA’s (pretentious assholes) are known to talk about their life and spin it in a way coated with snobbery.  They can look down their nose at you through typography.  It’s that thick.  They can make you look like a scumbag because you’re not wearing recycled clothes or riding your bike to work. (or vice versa: that you don’t drive a mercedes or own a Coach bag… whatever…)

Anyway, I always gain some satisfaction from finding out tidbits about the PA’s.  Especially when I find out their circumstances warrant nothing to be pretentious about.  Example:  Girl begins topic about choosing members and telling them how badly they dress-of course she’s in fashion school and she knows everything about how people are supposed to look.  Then later, she shows off her tattoo of a pigeon while she’s dressed in an ugly ass wife beater.  How very couture.  Come to find out, she’s also living off of daddy’s money on a diet of coffee and cigarrettes.  Wow.  I’m just so…. envious!

Example 2:  another girl opens a conversation about SIF’s.  Secret internet fatties.  I get in there and blatantly show off my non-secret internet fatness and think i’m hilarious.  I swear I think I heard my computer scoff at me.  And she goes into how fat people just don’t take care of themselves and are disgusting.  Ha!  She just made enemies with 3/4 of the message board.  Of course she’s too cool to care.  But her hair is white and fried and she looks like a heroine addict.  Yeah, that may have been sexy, IN LIKE 1995.

My diagnosis for Ex. 1 is that she’s probably building herself so she doesn’t feel worse about herself.  It’s good to be confident, but do confident people really need to bring down others to feel more confident?  The same goes for Ex. 2.  I’m thinking past eating disorder.  I could be wrong and she’s just a bitch, but hey, I’m just trying to speculate here.

PA’s if you’re reading, I’m sorry that you might be offended.  But are you really like this in real life?  Do you tell fat people that they’re fat and disgusting to their face and get away with it?  Because that really takes balls.  You probably don’t have a lot of good friends though.  If you have friends, they’re probably all just like you.  Thanks for keeping them away from me.

Bottom line, if you’re a PA but not so IRL, I don’t understand why you’re putting on the show.  Maybe you’re just socially ignorant and do better when you DON’T have time to think about what you’re saying.  Maybe that’s what gets you into trouble.  But you really should learn how to convey your feelings in print better.  It lasts a LOT longer.


tercero says:

I didn’t actually read your entire blog entry because after that first sentence I realized you were going to reiterate on the same issue, but i’ll be blunt to your question:



lexipants says:

Thank you for proving my point on the issue.

T2HHVT says:

I’m sorry, but what message boards do you visit? I don’t think you’ve ever met an internet troll.

lexipants says:

I have, but I don’t have to explain myself to you.

How’s that for pretentious!?!

tercero says:

hahaha FUCK EM

T2HHVT says:

Well you explained everything for me to have come to that conclusion, but whatever you say really, I’ll take your word for it.

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