{May 21, 2008}   Death Note: English Dubbed Viewing

For today and tomorrow, they’re having a special showing of the live action Death Note, based on the manga and anime.  Damion and I were so lucky to grab some tickets and see it!  We’ve seen the first few episodes of the anime on DVD, and I’ve read a couple of issues of the manga.  They previously released the movie in Japan, and Viz dubbed it in English for Western audiences. 


The movie was ok.  There were some significant changes from the anime, but it made the movie move a little quicker and establish a more dramatic plot.  Viz did use the voices from the anime, which was a good move.  The other things they did very well were the CG of Riuke and the role of L.  We also got a sneak peak of the second movie in the Death Note series.  Very excited.

I’d like to see it again, this time without all the teenage girls laughing at really inappropriate times (like people dying) just to get the attention of the boys they followed into the theater.  That made it really hard to enjoy the movie.  I know I sound all fan girl, but when you have people making fun of something you are really into, it’s pretty irritating, right?  Oh well, it’ll be neat to see the second one.  Maybe we can find it online with English subtitles and not have to deal with the theater crowd.


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