{April 16, 2008}   Swarmin’ Mormons!

me: oh, dude did you hear about that mormon raid in west texas?
Stephanie: Ugh omg thats alll they talk about on CNN lately, haha. Thats craaaazyyy
me: well, yesterday i got swarmed by mormons!  swarmin mormons!
i was walking to my car for lunch and they were all walking to the capitol for their little protest
Stephanie: Whoa!!
Dude, I seriously want that on a tshirt. Swarmin Mormons
me: hahaha
Stephanie: With a vector image of them in their little mormon dresses holding signs
me: it was scary, they all looked like they were straight out of 1907
if i didn’t know better, i would have thought they were amish
there were like 10 girls walking with 2 guys
Stephanie: that IS fucking creepy!
me: i was looking all cute in my capri slacks and flowy shirt with makeup on and my hair did
AND big sunglasses
AND heels
i couldn’t RUN
Stephanie: HAHAHHAA
omg that is awesome
I mean, terrifying
me: HAHA
Stephanie: awesomely terrifying
me: if you make that shirt, i’ll wear it
Stephanie: Hahaa omg I just might have to
me: hahaha
DUDE it should be like a softball team shirt
we can have numbers on the back
Stephanie: hahahhaa
That is awesome!!! We’ll be the Swarmin Mormon!


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