{March 26, 2008}   Easter and stuff

Easter was so much fun!  I was so happy for everyone to meet Damion.  Good food, fun family.  It’s funny though because all the little girl cousins are old enough to have boyfriends.  And they all bring them.  It makes the family seem twice as big.  Reminds me of older days. 

I got sick on Monday afternoon.  My head was really hurting at work, and after I took a nap at home, I got really sick to my stomach.  My boss said there’s a bug going around.  I felt really blah yesterday, but today I feel much better.  No idea what it was.  But Damion said he started feeling bad last night.  I hope it’s just because he was tired. 

Damion *acquired* Sim City 4 for me.  It’s been ages since I’ve played Sim City.  This version is super dynamic and you have so many options for different things.  I have trouble once the city reaches a certain population and usually go bankrupt.  I could spend days playing it though.  That’s what I did all day yesterday while I was sick (after I woke up at 1:30pm)  I did end up feeling well enough to go get groceries.

GOD I NEED TO WORK OUT MORE!  It’s driving me crazy.  I always seem to have a reason to NOT go to the gym, when really I have every reason TO go.  I gotta figure out a good regular schedule.

Mazzy the Good Luck cat  <– Mazzy the Good Luck Cat wishes you luck and prosperity.  ^_^


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