{March 21, 2008}   Seems like I have less to say these days…

I guess that’s…  a good thing?  1) It means I have less to complain about 2) It means I am not just blogging to blog.

I was shown the site www.musicovery.com by a new friend of mine, and I am in lurrrrvee!!  I can listen freely all day at work and discover new musics!  That makes me happy!

I swear my boyfriend needs to be in sales.  We decided yesterday to sell my futon so we can open up the living room so i can start sewing more and have access to my “sewing area.” That and we have a ton of spring cleaning to do.  Anyway, we decided yesterday, and today he may have already sold it to someone he knows.  Geez.  I wish I were that persuasive/talkative/liked people.

Last night we watched Young Frankenstein.  I love that movie to death.  It’s a family cult classic, and we quote it all the time.  Damion hadn’t ever seen it, so it was kind of his induction to the family.  I’ve already got him quoting it.  ♥

Speaking of family, we’re heading to my parents’ for Easter.  It’s going to be a great opportunity for Damion to meet alot more of my extended family.  Plus, free foods are always good.  Especially when it’s barbeque and such.  Yum yum!


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