{March 17, 2008}   Goodbye Consumating.com

One of my, if not THE, favorite website(s), Consumating.com, died on Friday, March 14, 2008. 

In sum, Consumating.com began as a dating site for 20-somethings, but turned into a quirky social networking site, much like Myspace or Facebook.  It was created by the  Internet Rockstar himself, Ben Brown, who sold it to CNET for lots o’ cash.  CNET abandoned Consumating, leaving 1 person to update it weekly.  Instead of trying to revive the site with a small, connected group of diehard, loyal users, it decided to pull the plug. 

Consumating to me…. meant alot.  Some people are disgruntled at CNET because the site was a little piece of the internet hardly anyone knew about, but for those who did, it became a real community.  I talked to and met several people I never would have talked to on the street.  Jason, Oz, and Sheldon… here’s to you.

But my the biggest life changer:  Consumating.com is where I met Damion.  Obviously, I hope by now you realize, just how much he means to me, to my life.  I would never have met my sweet midwesterner if not for Consumating.com.

So thank you Consumating. For keeping me company.  For giving me company.  I’ll definitely never forget your internet presence.

Here’s what CNET is saying about Consumating’s death: 

Q: What was the deal with Consumating.com? Why was it shutdown? Why are they angry? What are they doing here?

A: Consumating was a social networking site originally started as a dating site for 20 somethings — but it eventually morphed into a general late teens / 20s social site with a quirky twist.

Over the years Consumating was shuffled around from group to group and all the people that were originally involved moved on. The site was slowly falling into disrepair and no group wanted to “step up” and take on fixing it, so the choice was eventually made to shut the site down.

Users were given a few weeks notice, and CNET released all the content they had uploaded as well as every single line of programming code that was “consumating” so people could set up their own clones elsewhere.

We (CNET) did the right thing, allowing the users to recreate their community in an environment where it would get all the love and attention it deserves (that we weren’t giving it).

When the clock was up, Consumating was shutdown and all traffic redirected to help.com. Help and Consumating had a lot in common code-wise (friends, shouts, posts/replies).


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