{March 11, 2008}   Weekend

Damion went to Missouri this weekend to see his daughter.  He’s on his way back today.  You know, once you get used to someone being around and then they’re not there, it makes you kinda cranky. 

I barely left my house this weekend.  I wish my friends in Austin would give me a call once in a while.  You know, instead of assuming I’m dead or whatever.  “Alexis, you know the phone works both ways.”  Yeah, but I always do the calling.  Bump that.  So I stayed home and played the Sims, ran an errand, and did laundry.

Work so far this week has been awful.  It’s stressing me out and making my shoulder hurt.  Honestly, I shouldn’t be stressing about stupid stuff like what’s been going on.  This is a placeholder job, right?  I’ve always been scared that I’m going to “get stuck” at a job that I don’t want to make my career.  I don’t want to make this my career.  Especially when there’s not much room to even move up here.  What to do….

And, I was told by my PT that I owe like $17 per session.  10 sessions, add that up. Not cheap.  And I still have a bunk shoulder.  At least it’s getting better.


This week is SXSW, so I’m expecting the week to get better with all the free music I will be hearing.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed.


Oz says:

I’d call you, but uh… we don’t DO THAT! 🙂 The Sims?! I didn’t know you were a closet gamer. 🙂

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