{March 7, 2008}   From the mouths of America’s young professionals…

[12:07] peachbl0ssm: haha our tomato plants are sprouting
[12:07] peachbl0ssm: i’m so excited about this
[12:07] peachbl0ssm: it’d rediculous
[12:07] Ozreiuosn: DORK!
[12:08] peachbl0ssm: *cough* you play magic *cough*
[12:09] Ozreiuosn: OLD MAN LEXI PANTS!
[12:09] peachbl0ssm: BONE PLAYER
[12:09] Ozreiuosn: JEALOUS!
[12:10] peachbl0ssm: JEALOUS-ER
[12:10] Ozreiuosn: Whatev
[12:10] Ozreiuosn: keep telling yourself that
[12:11] peachbl0ssm: that you’re jealous paaaaaaants
[12:11] peachbl0ssm: cause i have tomatoes
[12:11] peachbl0ssm:
[12:11] Ozreiuosn: I don’t like tomatoes!
[12:11] Ozreiuosn: Well.. kinda
[12:13] peachbl0ssm: i’m blogging this tiff
[12:13] Ozreiuosn: FINE!
[12:13] Ozreiuosn: I don’t care!
[12:13] peachbl0ssm: and that just made it 10 times better


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