{March 4, 2008}   Life, etc.

I never thought I would have a routine life, but I’m beginning to like it more and more.  I’ve always been an advocate for change, but a little familiarity now and then is pretty comfortable. 

BUT there are a few things going on.  I voted this past Friday.  I won’t tell you who I voted for, but I can say I’ve never gotten chills doing my civic duty like I did this go around.  And it’s just the primaries!  I did get to shake the hand of democratic candidate Larry Joe Doherty, who did win my vote for Congress.  A little effort doesn’t hurt people.

On Friday, Damion and I also got a kitten!  It took us a couple of days, but we decided on the name Mazzy, short for Mazda.  She likes to zoom zoom zoom all over the place, and is hard to catch.  Momiji has been getting used to her a little at a time, but was hissing and growling at her at first.  We’ve been isolating her in the bathroom and letting her out a little longer each day.  They’ve been playing, but he’s kinda rough with her, which makes me nervous.  Damion says it’s normal that they rough house and shouldn’t worry.  You can see Mazzy on my Flickr.

Physical therapy for my shoulder is going pretty good.  I’m getting better with the range of motion.  My PT says he doesn’t think I’ll need surgery, but that punching is probably out of the question for a good long while.  I guess this means no more kickboxing.  That makes me really sad, but I may try to push it a little and see how it feels.  Not anytime soon though.

I’ve been really slacking with the working out.  It was working too!  I just gotta get back on a regular schedule.  More of that routine stuff.

Have you tried the Crystal Light White Grape drink to-go packets?  If not, I recommend them.  Delicioso.


Melissa says:

Your cat is adorable. I also wanted to say that it’s totally normal for the cats to play like that. Well, at least it was normal for my cats, and they turned out arguably fine 🙂

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