{February 26, 2008}   Where in the world is Lexi Sandiego?

How cool would it have been to have Sandiego for a last name when Carmen Sandiego was popular?  So cool.

Shoulder – I started physical therapy for my shoulder last week.  I have a tear in my rotator cuff.  Bad experience with the doc.  The PT’s are angels.  Angels who love burning my shoulder and poking the knots in my shoulder blade.  But my range is getting better and I’m getting my muscles back.

Boy – So, so happy.  He makes my day, every day.  And he likes helping me.  This weekend we planted flower and tomato seeds for our balcony. 

Work – is work.  I think it’s almost time for a new job.  That may or may not come with the impending move. 

Move?? – May or may not happen.  It depends on several factors.  It’s basically a wait and see game.  But you know what?  Right now, I’M STILL IN AUSTIN.  Ya freaks.

Family – My great grandmother is turning 90 so my fam is having a big party for her.  This weekend.  Oy.  That drive never gets any shorter.

Ghostland Observatory – !!!  I won tickets to go see them from the local radio station.  It’s this Friday. So. Ex. Cited.

Sewing classes – I signed up to take 4 classes.  2 beginner’s classes and 2 extra.  The 2 extra are going to be home decor.  If you’ve been following my life up til now, you know I have an interest in becoming an interior designer.  I’m considering this as a baby step towards that direction.

 So see?  Shit.  I have a lot going on.  It’s really not you, it’s me.  Don’t get all upset if you don’t hear from me.  It’s nothing personal.  But you know what?  The phone works both ways.  So nyah. :-p


good look with the new blogging endeavor. i’ve been slackluster on mine of late. everyone wants the fexi lexi update regularly, so you’re under more pressure than me. good luck!

lexipants says:

Hey Brad! Thanks, but I don’t know if EVERYONE give 2 hoots about what’s going on with me. I hope someone does though, because my family reads this too. :-p

Hena says:

Hi! I am adding you to my blogroll.

Oz says:

OH look at you peoples and your BLOGHZZZ. I’m adding you Senor Hena and Lady Brad.

Oz says:

And for the record, I get to see GO in April. So nyeh!

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