{May 26, 2005}  

That’s why I say “Hey man nice shot.”

Wow it’s been a while. So much has happened! And I didn’t quite make it to the end of May as far as it being restful.

I went home a while back to help throw a surprise party for my dad’s 50th birthday. It was the same weekend as mother’s day, and the whole week prior he was getting angry because I hadn’t called my mom to tell her if I was coming home or not. (My whole arrival home was a secret-I even stayed at my uncle’s house the night before.) We got him really good though, so the difficult planning was worth it. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen my dad that red!

Fastforward to this past weekend. Shawn finally graduated with his 3 undergrad degrees and Melissa graduated with her 2 undergrad degrees! These people are so smart and I’m proud of them both! Friday I went to Shawn’s graduation/trash can punch party. I hadn’t seen Shawn or Stacie in probably a year or so, so I’m really glad I went. Ok, I had 2 glasses of punch. Ummm….wow, I don’t think I will drink everclear again unless it’s like in a mixed drink, and only half a glass. That stuff messed me (and several other people) up.
On Saturday I went to Melissa’s graduation then out to eat with her family. After the graduation I saw like 3 other people who were also graduating that I knew, and one person who was in town that nobody else knew or was supposed to know about. Dinner was great, at the traditional UT grad location for our group – Bucca di Beppo.

This week has been ok. I’m so antsy at work though. And interestingly there are cliques being formed here at the office. My little boss says it’s becoming a microcosm similar to high school. He thinks we’re the nerds that don’t get any credit but everyone has to like if they want to cheat off of their paper or get tutored. I’m trying to do a lot of thinking about where I’m supposed to be in this crazy world. I’m not sure still, but I’m thinking the Peace Corps might be in there somewhere. I’ve been thinking about this since I studied abroad a couple of years ago. I know it may not seem befitting of me to you, but it is to me. I want to help people somehow and in a big way, but I know once I enter corporate America, not only will that be a hard feat to accomplish, but I probably won’t be able to get out easily. And of course, and added benefit is the deferrment of my student loans, which would be huge for me, especially since my future financial situation looks a bit bleak. Anyway, let me know what you think about this. I’d probably wait a couple of years before I take the plunge just to get my bearings and everything sorted out. So not too far in the future, but not something that will happen tomorrow. I wonder what my parents will say.

Last night I got pounded in the head with the butt end of a metal training knife. Not only did it hurt like hell, but Larry pissed me off telling me I should have been ready. Anger+pain always always = me crying. So now I have a bump and a bruise right over my left eye.

MELISSA MORRIS! I have your graduation gift still in my posession. I will not be in town this weekend, so if you want it before then, you better call me! *mwah!*


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