{May 3, 2005}  

So let’s see. Where to begin?

I’ve designated the month of May as the “Rest for the Weary” month. This is due to the fact that every single weekend in April had some sort of party-til-the-wee-hours night. Therefore since I spent almost all of April tired and somewhat hung over, I’m taking May to rest and get those bags out from underneath my eyes.

Other than that, this is my last week of class at ACC for the spring semester. I still have to finish my final project, which obviously I’m not worried about, even thought it’s probably going to come out crap like the last one. Hmm… I wonder if I do go into this profession, if I’m strapped for time, that all my projects may turn out crap. I don’t know, maybe there is just some lack of motivation in there as well. Maybe it’s because I have that ACC stigma in my head. Regardless, I’m almost done, and I’m probably taking the summer off, partly because I don’t have the funds for another class right now.

So instead, this summer I’m probably going to be teaching a kickboxing class at the YMCA here in Southwest Austin. And I’ll be getting paid! That, I think, is really cool. Plus I’ll be all by myself as far as instructing. This guy contacted Larry about instructing a KB class, and since Larry doesn’t have time he offered it up to all of us. Since I work at Bee Caves and Mopac, it seemed right up my ally. So I spoke with the guy and went and picked up an application (I suppose as a formality). So we’ll see if that pans out or not. He said a lot of people were interested in a KB class though. Well if I do get this class, I will be excited…if not, maybe next time.

Here and now I officially proclaim that I have no idea what I want to do with my life. Degree+experience in several different areas+no money=no direction. I just know I’m getting antsy at my job right now because I’m not using any of my creative talents. And I think it could be stifling them too somehow. I’m trying to keep them alive by reading, writing, drawing, etc. It’s been extremely hard. So that’s that.

My roommate threw a party last weekend at our apartment. Drunken wrestling and watergun fights did ensue after almost everyone had left. That was fun in a (long)skirt, lemme tell ya. A few of you met “him.” Blargh. This past weekend I went to my friend’s birthday party. Only a few people showed up, but we had fun nonetheless and I met some pretty cool people. I also got to hang out with David, that guy in the pic over there. We ate at IHOP one day then went to Obie’s the next and then went to check out NekoNeko Anime. (Only go if you really want to rent anime, it’s boring otherwise).

I’m going home this weekend for a surprise family party. I can’t say whose, but it will be worth the drive! Heehee!


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