{April 8, 2005}  

Like you said Melissa, I can think of a million uncommon things all day long, but when it comes to writing a blog post, I got nothin.

I did have an eventful weekend last weekend though. Started Friday night with Melissa and Wolf. We went to six 1/2 different places in six 1/2 hours! La Tazza Fresca, Zen, Central Market, The Metro, Trudy’s, the Texas Union, and almost Flipnotics, which I still want to try to go to, maybe this Saturday since I have nothing on the calenday yet.

Saturday was Druck’s birthday celebration (his 3rd or 4th by then). We ate at Spaghetti Warehouse then hit up a few bars after that. Don’t get the Blue martini drink at Saba unless you want one big shot in a glass. $6 worth of citrus Vodka. Wha! But I must recommend the peach sangrias at Spaghetti Warehouse. Yum! I didn’t get sloppy drunk but I was still kind of out of it after that blue drink, and a few others. I also made everyone hit up Fuel so I could go see David. He’s AKA DJ Havoc there at the club. So we went back to Melissa’s place. I think they watched a movie but I promptly fell asleep (or passed out? I’m not sure) on Melissa’s bed. Her cat Berni likes to make sleeping a contact sport. Thanks for letting me crash lady!

Sunday was a little rough but I managed to go home, take another nap, and head out to BBC. I also saw Sin City later, which was very good. VERY graphic, but entertaining and true to its nature. Go see it. I didn;t go to sleep til about 1:30, and that set the pace for this week. I haven’t gotten much sleep at all and have been walking around like a zombie all week<–cue Sean of the Dead. Dugadugadugadugaduga….raaaawr…dugadugadugadugadugaduga…raaawwr!?

SO tonight is Amy’s party, which everyone should attend. I went running around with her after class last night to pick up some goodies. It will be great, we will get drunk, and I will be sleepy tomorrow. Hooray for being young! Haha I’m such a dork. (with little sleep) Okay going to lunch now to maybe find something to wear tonight. Don’t know with what money, but it’s all good. Everything…will be allright.


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