{March 5, 2005}  

Oh how good it is to have the internet again. It’s almost sad how dependent we are on having high speed internet, but then again, fuck it.

So much has happened in the last 6 weeks, and some of it I really don’t feel like rehashing. Work has been ok, I still owe people lots of money, and I had my heart broken by a good friend of mine (on Valentine’s nontheless).

But this weekend has been good so far, I got to see Melissa and Amy. We went to see Sideways, which would have been pretty good but there was an annoying hag that was laughing really loudly and talking during the movie. Yeah, you know how the Drafthouse says they’ll take your ass out if you’re loud? FALSE! They didn’t do shit! She was loud the whole damn time! Anyway, after that we checked out Cool River Cafe, which was….not so much. So many yuppies there. So after that we headed to La Dulce Vida. I’ve never been there, but it was more geared to our taste, so it did make the night. Hopefully we’ll all be able to get together again to go to Hyde Park Bar and Grill soon. (I’ve never been there either)

Issa likes to call me Smalltown because I haven’t been to several “traditional Austin” places, for instance the above 3 places plus Enchanted Rock and Deep Eddy. I guess this should be the year that I check out everything that Austin really has to offer. I mean, I covered 3 in one night, so the others shouldn’t be too hard, right? Maybe I have a nice busy summer ahead of me. That would be good. And finding a more permanent place to live that is a perfect location. It’s hard now that I’m working in Westlake to drive all the way from up north. So I’m thinking about either moving back down south or somewhere near UT. I’ve never lived anywhere near UT, so maybe it’s something worth looking into. We’ll see what the finances are like by then I suppose.

Anyway, I guess that’s enough yapping for one post. Now that I’m back online, I’m sure you’ll hear more frequent yapping going on. Take care all.


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