{December 17, 2004}  

For all you “affluent” types out there who make oodles of money I have a bit of real world information that you should really take into consideration.

Never, EVER, as a clerical assistant if they enjoy their job. ESPECIALLY if you know they are a college graduate.

I mean, what the hell do you say? “It’s the only reason I wake up each morning: to come into a freezing cold office to serve you?” WTF? Oy. It’s hard lying through your teeth to come up with a polite answer.

On another note, don’t you hate waking up and not being able to finish a perfect dream? Everything seemed to be happening like it should, even though it was a weird dream where I was pursuing something that seemed endless. Whoa. I think I just had a realization. Dammit! I hate having psychic dreams, especially ones that seem perfect, just as you want things to be in your real life, but turns out it’s trying to tell you something completely different. Argh. Well, in case you were wondering, I have psychic dreams, usually one that shows me exactly what happens every two years and symbolic ones that happen every couple of months. It’s hard to believe, I know, but to tell the truth, I don’t care for them. If you know me well enough, you know why.


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