{November 19, 2004}  

Oooooh geez. I guess I have another pretty good reason to come into work everyday. One piece of really cute eye candy to indulge in. He has one of those baby faces and dark, innocent eyes. And he has such a sweet smile. Though we haven’t really said much to each other besides hello, goodbye, and “here’s a message for Bob.” I know that he’s going to school, I’m not sure how old he is, but he looks young. And I know that he doesn’t come on Tuesdays and Thursdays. And that’s pretty much all I need to know. For now.

So I’m having surgery on my knee on Monday. I had my pre-op this morning. You know, where they take your blood pressure and look at you to make sure you’re not going to flip out when they pump you full of anesthesia. I’m not that nervous about the sugery, since they’ve done thousands of ACL repairs before, I’m just worried about the recovery after surgery. I haven’t ever had an injury this big before in my adult life. I broke my jaw when I was 9, but everything in my memory is fuzzy, like a dream missing a few major details. Other than that, I’m just worried about getting to, from, and around at work. And no martial arts for at least a month. I guess everything else will take care of itself. Oy. Good thoughts my way appreciated.

I was wondering what everyone’s opinion was on all the pictures I’ve been posting. Does it make my blog too busy? Or does it make it more interesting? I like them because I see them everytime I look at my blog, but I was just wondering what you thought. I suppose that’s it for now. Later gator.


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