{November 14, 2004}  

So…I’m a bit tipsy right now, and more than likely should not have driven home, but I’m safe and sound. This picture is from my trip to Cali but I thought I would share it with everyone because it’s freakin HILARIOUS. The story behind it: we were all drunk and packing to go home after the tournament in California. All of our luggage was out on the street, so my friend Chris decides to hop in the trunk. It was great. That was before he made a mad dash to go puke…

Ah yes, I love going through the pictures on my computer late at night. I can laugh out loud if I want. It also lets me reflect on the good memories I have made and makes me look forward to other ones. I don’t know where I will be in any remote future of mine, but I’ll have pictures. Pictures to remind me of the people who have, if only for a minute, affected my life enough for me to want to remember them. Even if they aren’t at their finest at that particular moment.

OK, that’s enough deepness. Stupid wine. Enjoy.


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