{November 10, 2004}  

Ah yes, anyone who will wear a kilt in public, HAS to have a sense of humor.

This weekend wasn’t too eventful until Sunday. My mom came up on Friday to get the results of my MRI. Turns out I have a completely torn ACL. Don’t ask how I’m still walking, I can’t explain it. I caught up on some things around the house, etc. on Saturday. Then on Sunday I went to the Austin Celtic Festival. It was a decent little festival I must say. I missed most of it, since it was going on both Saturday and Sunday, and I arrived a little late on Sun, but it was still pretty cool to take in a little bit of the half of my roots. (The Scottish side versus Hispanic) I didn’t take many pictures but I figured that one said enough. The music was good and there were tons of little crafts and jewelry that I could have given a lovely home, but my wallet said otherwise. I even saw the first act of MacBeth by an Austin theater company. For something to be finished in March, they did a pretty good job. Later I went to good old Kerbey Lane with my friend James, where they had nothing to drink except coffee, tea, and water. Gotta love that Kerbey Lane service. Ha. Tooda-loo!


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