{May 12, 2004}  

*~Feeling~* *~Relieved~*

Whoo hoo!

I am totally done with the last long semester of my college life ever! I had a hell week last week. 4 tests and 2 papers due. The good thing about having all of that in one stupid week is that I don’t have any finals. So now, I have no job, no homework, no internship, nothing. I get to chill until I find another job and then graduation on the 21st. Expect an announcement in your mail!

This past weekend I went to Dallas to help out and cheer on 3 of guys from the Center at a Kickboxing fight. None of them won their matches, but none of them got knocked out either. It all went to decision and all were very close, within 2 or 3 points. I think a couple of the guys got robbed, but I guess I’m also biased. Hopefully I’ll be all healthy and ready for the next match. (And hopefully they’ll be able to find a girl willing to step up to the plate.)

Anyway, that’s all for now. Not too busy of a week, and that’s a fabulous thing. Hasta Luego!


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