{April 21, 2004}  

[Feeling] [Anxious]

Hey guys. Sorry for the neglect. Just been a busy couple of weeks. Nothing too big going on. Had a couple of papers and tests, but I’ll be done with classes in less than three weeks. I’m anxious because I’m so close to being done with college forever but I have so much more to do. What I wanted to tell you about was my adventure last night.


So I went with my friend Nikki and her best friend Keith to see Sevendust at the Backroom off of Riverside. Surprisingly Cold was also opening for them so it was pretty uber cool, and a nice surprise when we arrived and saw their name on the marquee. (I hadn’t heard that they were opening) There was also a band called Apartment 26 that had a very similar sound to a certain band called Incubus. Man. This was the coolest live rock experience yet, seeing as it was only my third. But it was my first actual crowd surf/mosh pit witnessing and that was awesome in itself. Sevendust was really great, so charged up with energy and really impressed with how loud Austinites can be and the leadman actually CRIED because everyone knew the words to all of their songs. (heehee except me, I only know a couple and they’re from the radio) So I was just along for the ride, but I was really happy that I went. I was really nervous at one point though because when Nikki got picked up and crowd surfed, she forgot to hand me the stuff in her pockets and lost my keys. Luckily, people are really cool about that stuff and someone had picked up my keys for me. I was SO relieved about that. Oh how little did I know.


So we walk out to leave all charged up about the show and we’re all walking to my car to take a picture of the three of us. The two of them were completely soaked and sweaty. I was fairly dry 🙂 BUT we’re walking towards my car and lo and behold, it’s hooked up to a tow truck. we were screaming at the guy to not tow me, the guy jumped in the truck and took off, and Keith took off running to catch him. So the guy was *nice* enough to give Keith the phone number after making him chase him across the entire Bingo parking lot. Yeah, never park at the Bingo place unless you’re they’re to play. Bastards. I’m just livid at that point. So I call the company and they say we have to wait an hour and it would cost 136.94. FUCK. So we head out in Keith’s car to an ATM then to the company. We get there and it hadn’t been processed yet. But the lady did mine first since we were already there. So we wait a little while, in the cold, while these poor kids are soaked and sweaty. They get done, so Keith leaves. WELL apparently since the address on the registration didn’t match the one on my driver’s license (thank God I even had it) it was an extra $20 to run an addidavit (to prove i had permission to have the car). Between the Nikki and I, we came up with $154.25. And it was a cash only deal. I had no other cash, in my car or otherwise, Keith had taken off, and neither of us had our cell phone. FUCK. I started crying and it’s freezing and I just knew I was going to have to call a cab and wake someone up from the apartment complex to let me in and all this horrible stuff. I was cold and hungry and crying and GODDAMMIT I was tired. My ears were ringing from the concert. The lady comes back after running the affidavit and we were like, we don’t have enough money. Thankfully I had put on my sweet little charm earlier and had gotten in good with this lady, and she said since she was just having such a bad night, she would go ahead and accept $154.25. Holy crap. I was so relieved. So I got my car back, and this was probably the easiest (though not cheapest) tow truck experience in history. And I just spilled my frikken wine everywhere. You see, sometimes sipping just isn’t better than chugging. J/K. Anyway, so I got home and went to sleep around 2, not too bad after going through that ordeal. But I skipped my first class anyway because I felt I deserved to sleep in. Nikki offered to pay for half since I was driving both of us. I called and griped at my mom because the address hadn’t been changed after a YEAR that my welo had moved (it was his address at the time he signed for the car) and they’ve forgotten TWICE to change the address when they went to get the registration updated. I know you’re thinking i’m kind of selfish and a little brat for blaming them blah blah blah but it made me mad because they always do shit like that. They’re always procrastinating and they wonder why I’m like that and don’t take care of things as soon as possible. So I’m making them pay me back for the affidavit.

Thankfully Keith was nice enough to drive me to the tow truck company out in BFE in south Austin. So it was a bittersweet night, but an interesting experience all the same. Costly, but interesting. That’s all I got for now, and I’m sure you’re tired of reading. I’ve got more stuff coming up this weekend that should make for an exciting time, so stay tuned. Laters!


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