{March 16, 2004}  

[Feeling] [Flattered]

Well this was an interesting weekend. Friday was the usual except I didn’t have any class due to Spring Break the following week. (The prof knew better than to try and have class, as no one would probably show up to a 3pm class the Fri before Spring Break.) So I came home and chilled out for a good while then went to training. That night my friends Robert, Karen, Kurt and I went to this little hole in the wall chinese restaurant called T&S on North Lamar. I had shrimp since it was Friday and I’m Catholic. Yes, yes poor me.

The next day I went to see my family in San Antonio. My sister’s and cousins’ Spring Break was the week before mine, so they were trying to get a small trip in before it ended. So I met my parents, sister, my mom’s cousin and his large family at Mi Tierra at the Market for lunch. It was SOOOO wonderful. I had missed real Mexican food thoroughly. I had Chorizo con Huevo with a side of guacamole, tortillas and fresh squeezed OJ. Yum yum yum. And I was really full all day until after training. Afterwards we all went to Chili’s to eat. On my way home to change, Nikki called in a good mood and wanted to go out. I decided to agree to go, even though I knew I would be dog tired, as I had trained for 3 hours already. But I knew it would be fun with this little chica, and I knew I needed to get out more, and away from the Center folks for a little while. SO we went downtown to the Ritz. While looking for free parking at around 1 am there were some drunk guys at the side of the ditch on 5th peeing in plain view. Quite interesting. We found a spot very close to 6th with some very excellent maneuvering by Nikki in her long-ass car. Man those people on either side of her parallel parking were probably pissed, but this was probably the best parking I’ve ever had from my trips downtown.

Putting on the Ritz: So we got to the Ritz, and to our luck, it had stopped raining long enough for our walk downtown to be dry. Nikki steamrolled her way through to get some change for pool and we put some money down on a couple of tables. In the meantime we played a little airhockey and Nikki grabbed a beer. (I’m not allowed to drink-rules of training) We finally got to play pool. That was hilarious! Nikki and I SUCK at pool. So after a couple of shots, this random guy sitting at a nearby table gets up and comes up next to me and tells me he’s going to help me out with my shot. I missed the shot. But I did meet the guy. And the guy started with the smoozing. Before I knew it, holy crap, I was being hit on. This was kind of a first time experience for me. And to my surprise, I played it well. I was the cute little me, a little smartass here and there. I didn’t freak out, I didn’t shy up, but I was of course slightly self conscious as everytime I looked up, he and his group were looking at me and looking like they were talking about me. I just carried on with my pool game. So after the round and round flirting, the guy left with merely a hug and my phone number.

The guy: So his name was Keith and he’s from Kentucky, apparently visiting his sister on Spring Break. He’s 26 and a senior at UK. Said he went into the army after high school so he got a late start. He invited me to go eat sushi (bleah) with his group on Thursday, because he’s going to San Diego until then. I told him I didn’t like sushi and that I had to train on Thursday. He came back with, well, if you don’t want to go, just tell me, it’s not like I haven’t been shot down before…(which of course he wasn’t) Yeah he thought it was totally cool that I was a martial artist. He even tried to show me some really easy grappling choke holds. Nikki jumps in with, “uhhh yeah that’s like one of the first things we learn, and she’s really badass at it.” The Keith was about as tall as Dung, who’s, if you don’t know him, about 2 inches taller than me. He also looked a little asian, or half pacific islander/hawaiian or something, I’m not quite sure. He also said his little group already had an opinion of me, but I didn’t want to know. :/ Guess he didn’t care though. Maybe he did care when he sobered up.

So I don’t know if this dude will call me on Thursday or not, but if not, it was really flattering anyway. It was kind of funny, because I was so incredibly tired, I could have almost cared less that this guy was hitting on me. Usually I probably would have gotten really shy, quiet or rude. I know it’s not a big deal to be hit on for a lot of people, but in my circumstance, I think I’m entitled for it to be a deal. My friends are usually the ones who get the looks. I guess I should be going out more often. I’m really glad I had Nikki there though. She’s a super solid wing-girl.

After that, Nikki and I headed to Magnolia cafe to cure Nikki’s munchies and to hopefully wake me up. We chit chatted for a while then called it a night at about 4am.

I was uber tired on Sunday, but met the judges and fighters at 1pm at Larry’s for lunch and to watch some film from last year’s tourney. We had yummy pasta salad and cookies and spent about an hour turning Larry’s house upside down looking for Rachel’s phone after we heard it ringing. Turns out it was in her car. Funny because the ringing was coming from the tape on TV, because Rachel had taped the tourney last year. Hehe.

That’s about it. I had a Sex and the City mini-marathon later that night and slept 10 1/2 hours before I went to work this morning. I saw Secret Window tonight at the Drafthouse. Kristy and Issa didn’t like it, but I thought it was ok. Johnny Depp is so good at playing colorful characters.

So sorry for the long post, but it was an eventful weekend. Most eventful in quite a while. I’m going to fold some laundry then hit the hay now. Spring cleaning the rest of the week, along with training and working. I’ll let you know if anything happens on Thursday. Til then, laters.


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