{March 7, 2004}  

[Feeling] [Thoughtful]

Some things I’ve learned… (always a work in progress)

a) Some people that you try to force friendships with may not end up as true friends.

– I think friendships, like any relationship, should just happen. You shouldn’t have to make that big of a deal out of trying to be someone’s friend. When you try to force a friendship, it takes some of the meaning out of it. It doesn’t matter how often you tell yourself that the two of you are friends. Repetition won’t make it work. Neither will being fake.

b) Girls, sometimes you’re just one of the guys, so accept it and enjoy it.

-I got a big slap in the face last week. I was told that I had always and will always be like a brother to one of my best friends, of whom i had this huge crush on for like a year. With those words, it was as if I had seen the brightest damn light in history. It was a good realization though. Because, now that I know and accept this fact, I haven’t had as much fun with him and his girlfriend in ages. There’s no awkward tension in my brain anymore. (cause it’s always in my head)


That’s what I’ve learned this week. I’ll try and keep this an ongoing thing. It’s important to learn something new everyday; about life, love, friendship, and yourself. Practice learning everyday without sounding like a PBS special. Amen.


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