{February 27, 2004}  

[Feeling] [Shocked]

Dude- Someone totally flipped off and said “fuck you” to Larry, my martial arts instructor DURING CLASS!

He wanted her to do extra conditioning during the impact class because she wasn’t keeping her hands up in fighting position during graduation. I mean, he just wanted 50 pushups, and he warned everyone beforehand what the consequences were if they came down. I mean, even if you don’t want to do them, you ARE there for a workout, so why not? Well, this girl thought she was too good for pushups and for Larry. Everyone was cheering her on to try and get her to do them and he finally threatened that it was either her or everyone in her group. She then flipped him off and said “fuck you, i’m not doing them.” :O

Ok, so Larry is NOT the guy to say fuck you to, especially as a student. He is not the type of guy I would say that to even if he were being an asshole in a bar, or probably not even kidding around. Larry could kill a person if he really wanted to. He’s a freaking martial artist, black belt in everything for crying out loud! On top of that, he was having a bad day yesterday. I thought he was going to blow his top when that girl did that. He gave her a good cussing out in front of everyone though, so he got his words in. I don’t know what will happen when she comes back in next week to work out, if at all. I’ll keep you posted. Hee.


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