{February 20, 2004}  

[Feeling] [Stressed]

Man I love these Samoa girl scout cookies sooooooo much. You may love and know them as Caramel Delights. But where I come from, they’re called Samoas. Man, I could totally eat the whole damn box, they’re THAT good. But they’re chock full of fat and eating the whole box may just give me a heart attack. But i like to eat when i’m stressed and oh, am i stressed.

I am very far behind in my reading for a couple of my classes. I have 3 tests next week, and I’m supposed to go home for Saturday, because this may the last Saturday in quite a while that I’ll have the chance to go home because of training for the Stick tournament. I hope my parents don’t mind just seeing me with my nose in a book, because i can’t afford to take Saturday off.

Right now, I’m about to practice for a presentation that I have tomorrow, so I better quit procrastinating and run through it a few more times. Crazy presentations. :/ Anyway, take care everyone, and remember: no matter how stressed you are, don’t eat the whole box of Samoas.


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