{January 10, 2004}  

These things Just Kinda Fall into your Lap

So I’ve decided not to pursue a dual degree, and just graduate with a degree in Advertising. It’s a little dissapointing with all the hard work in Spanish that I put in, but I still have a concentration (minor in the college of communication).

I was also labeled as an artist. I’ve been working on stuff that requires some graphic design at my new job, which is going really well by the way, and I’ve officially been labeled by my boss as the Graphic Design Intern, which has been even listed so in print.

Before this “labeling” I was looking into some options for the future, where jobs in the advertising industry were hot, especially with the decline in the economy. It looked pretty good in the San Francisco area. I also looked up grad schools that offered degrees in advertising, and found this nifty little art college, which is also located in San Francisco.

So I sat down this winter break and really thought about my future. I scared myself because after this summer, I would be done in Austin. Fin de la ruta! There are not really any advertising opportunities that offer entry level positions that people aren’t already fighting for, or that don’t require more than 5 years experience in the field. So I realized I am going to have to leave.

This makes me sad, to leave my family and friends and all the groundwork I’ve laid in the past 4 years. But maybe this is what those four years were leading up to: a better future, just somewhere that it’s available.

I told my mom about all of this and she understands my having to leave. She’s worried about the more logistical things like insurance and such. So we kinda sat down and came up with a plan for the next year, as long as I can graduate this summer.

In May I’m going to visit San Francisco for about a week in between sessions to see if I like it and visit the Art College. This means I gotta keep working so I can save up some money. If I graduate on time and enjoy San Francisco, my mom is going to research whether or not there is a grace period to see if I need to be enrolled full time to be kept on insurance. If there is no grace period, I’ll stay in Austin and go to ACC for the fall semester and take design classes so I can technically stay on insurance, then enroll at the Art College for the Spring in the advertising graduate program.

This seems like it has happened so quickly, that I could be actually be just a year away from leaving everything I’ve come to know, everything I’ve been through in the first years of my adult life. It makes me contemplate just exactly who I am, who I’ve come to be, who I will COME to be. I’m very scared but at the same time extremely excited. I mean, every day is the first day of the rest of your life. Things change so quickly. In a matter of months I’ve made decisions that are going to affect the rest of my life. I just hope all of this doesn’t become too overwhelming. One day at a time.

So sorry for the long post. Maybe I still have that writer’s dream. I’ll just be living life as an artist. And I’m not complaining one bit.


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