{December 5, 2003}  

So nobody cries about a stolen day, I’ve decided to take the last available label that I can assign to a certain day. Although, it may not be a certain day, as per the new name, but it will be a weekly occurrence. So I thus introduce to you:

Wocka Wocka Weeklies

I’ll try to keep them clean and corny, just like the Tacky Thursdays promised. So here’s this week’s wocka wocka:

God didn’t create the world in 7 days. He pulled an all-nighter on the 6th.

Q: What do you find at the end of everything?

A: The letter “g”.

Q: What did the elephant do when he hurt his toe?

A: He called a toe truck.

Threw in a few to make up for the missed wocka of last week. Hope finals and everything are going ok. Maybe I’ll be seeing a few of you at a certain Christmas party Dec. 8? Hasta luego!


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