{November 11, 2003}  

Haha I think I might be going crazy from all the college work i have been doing over the past couple of weeks…

So I’m F-ing around because I need to give me brain a break. Besides that, I want to try and start looking for a job for next semester because this not having money thing is bothering me. I’m so broke. So I was looking on the internet for a job, and I was looking at things like Monster.com to see if there would be any interesting jobs in the US or Worldwide by the time I graduate. So I finally decided, by inspiration of Ricky’s (Dax’s) blog, in reference to the employee of the month webpage, to go to http://www.hirealonghorn.org. BUT instead of typing in “hire a longhorn” in the web address, i typed in “hore a longhorn.” An honest mistake, but I cracked up. And I usually don’t crack up when I’m by myself. But it’s so true, it’s funny. There’s an entire website for poor UT students to whore themselves out to make a little dough just so they can buy that extra cup of coffee the night before the killer test. Maybe the site that the employers go to is “hore a longhorn.” Ah, man, it is to laugh.

So have fun procrastinating. I know I am.


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