{October 27, 2003}  

Today was really weird.

I woke up at about 6:00 (or maybe 5) FREEZING my ass off. Then I woke up at 11:30 real time and i felt like CRAP. I mean crappiest of crap. I could barely move and my head hurt soooo much. I came out and sat down. I wanted to stay awake but I decided it was too much effort so I went back and laid down. So I went back to sleep and had the freakiest dreams, and I woke up like I had forgotten something. Yet when I had waken up, I was soaked. Sweat soaked. So I finally sat up and I felt ok. I still couldn’t breathe and my throat was itchy, and I was really sore, but nothing like I had felt earlier. Totally weird that the incredible hurting just went away.

So I still can’t breathe and I’m a little achy, so I’m gonna hit the hay. Doesn’t help that I have a test tomorrow. Oy.


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